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Move a computer to a different OU within a ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 Task Sequence. #yam

By Kamm_and_Re

In the past we used a vbs-script in a ConfigMgr Task Sequence to detect if a computer was already added to the Active Directory. If it was detected in Active Directory it was moved to a OU with less policies. In this example I will create a System Center Orchestrator (SCOrch) Runbook which will detect if a computer is already an Active Directory member, and if so it will be moved to another predefined OU.


A System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 infrastructure.
A System Center Orchestrator 2012 installation.
The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Update 1 integration.
The Active Directory Integration Pack.
A Nework Access Account which has “Orchestrator User” credentials.
An AD service account with at least Account Operators credentials.

Configure the Active Directory Integration Pack

Start the System Center 2012 Orchestrator Runbook Designer.
Go to Options and change the SCORCH Dev – Active Directory Prerequisite Configuration.

Click on Add and type a Name
fill in the UserName, Password and the Domain name of the AD Account with Account Operators credentials

Click Finish.

Create a new Runbook

Start the System Center 2012 Orchestrator Runbook Designer
Create a new Runbook and rename it to ConfigMgr-TS-MoveComputerToDeploy
Add Initialize Data
Add Get Object DistiguishedName
Add Move AD Object

Create two links,
one between Initialize Data and Get Object Distiguished …read more

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