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Configuration Manager 2012 and Pooled VDI’s

By Klaas Arendsen

There is a lot of confusion about the use of Pooled VDI’s and the Configuration Manager 2012 client.

Why would we even install the client if the machine only lasts for a short time, what can we do with the inventory data, do we need (managed) antivirus software on the VDI, and do we get a lot of obsolete data in the ConfigMgr database once the machine is removed from the infrastructure?

While designing a Pooled VDI infrastructure, a lot of these questions can rise, and can make decisions hard to make.

In ConfigMgr 2012 the way Pooled VDI’s are handled is a huge difference compared to 2007. A few new inventory attributes are added to the ConfigMgr client to make sure that managing Pooled VDI’s

Reporting and Compliance. Gathers discovery information from Guest VMs for Broker Site Name, Desktop Type and Pool Name which become attributes of a system that can be used for compliance monitoring and inventory reports. The new CCMPropertyName values are “IsVirtual”, “IsMachineChangesPersisted”, “IsAssignedToUser”, and “HostIdentifier”. As an example, the “IsMachineChangesPersisted” property enables you to tell a Pooled vs. Personal desktop apart from one another in your management environment.

Application Deployment. Delivers new conditional rules for application deployment based on …read more

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