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ConfigMgr Task Sequence with OSD Options Chooser and computer OU move

By Kamm_and_Re

The OSD Options Chooser will display an option chooser box during OSD when a computername starts with MININT or MINWINPC (unknown computers). The user can type a computername and choose in which Active Directory OU the computer will be placed during the installation. It will set a Task Sequence variable OSDDepartment which will be used in the Task Sequence to move a computer to another OU.
When the computername doesn’t start with MININT or MINWINPC the Options Chooser won’t pup-up.

In this example the OSD Option Chooser will ask for a computer name and gives 4 computer type choices. The installation will be un-anttended and will close when the computername does NOT start with MININT or MIN-WINPC.

1. Create a source directory and place the two file with the name:
• OSDOptionsChooserv3.hta
• OpenDesktop.vbs

You can find the source at the end of this page.

2. Check the code in the: OSDOptionsChooserv3.hta

3. Check the code in the: OpenDesktop.vbs
Change the values in the .vbs

4. Create a Configuration Manager Package and deploy it to the distribution points.
BLS0122 OSD Options Chooser

5. Open the boot image and add the Optional Component:
deploy this boot image to the distribu-tion points.

6. Open a Task Sequence and add the OSD Option Chooser package right …read more

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