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DPM 2012 Service won’t start after Reboot (Internet Access)

By Erik Verwer


A collegue of my asked me for helping him with some troubleshooting.
At a customer DPM console and services won’t start after a reboot and some updates that were installed.
First thing on my mind was that this was caused by installed updates, but the simple solution was to give the Server Internet Access.

The following services wouldn’t start:
– DPM service
– Reporting services (ReportServer$MSDPM2012)
– DPM Access Manager (DPMAMService)

DPM Service TimeOut:

SystemLog: Error 7009

ApplicationLog: Error 17052

Internet Acces:
After some searching the web i found one guy was having the same issue and resolved it by giving the DPM Server Internet Access.
In this case all the servers at the customer have no Internet Accees unless for specific reason. So we have make a TMG trace to see what DPM wants to reach.

TMG Log:
In the TMG logs we see that the server is trying to reach and want to check http:///pki/crl/products/microsoftrootcert.crl.
all this communication is done over port 80.

So we allowed the server to communicate over port 80… reboot the server and everything is working fine again.

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