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Windows XP CSA Updates in System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2

By Kamm_and_Re

This guide describes how to use System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 to import the Windows XP CSA updates.

Logon to the System Center configuration Manager Management point and start the Windows Explorer goto C:CSA

Remove the ‘old’ files from the Payload directory. Put them in the _Archive folder

Remove the ‘old’ cab file from the ScanCab directory. Put them in the _Archive folder

Download the ‘new’ Microsoft CSA Update Payload Packages to: C:CSAPayload And the CAB file to: C:CSAScanCab. Use a Microsoft Account to get access to the Microsoft connect site.

Open a CMD (as an administrator) and change directory to C:CSA

Excecute the command line: Wsusimporttool.exe c:CSAScanCabCSA-WindowsXPSP3.CAB c:CSAPayload c:CSAWorkingDir

Reminder: if the wsusimporttool is giving an Error “No instance of WSUS found on this server. WSUSImportTool can only be run locally on a WSUS server” use the WsusUtil from C:Program FilesUpdate ServicesTools WsusUtil.exe csaimport c:CSAScanCabCSA-WindowsXPSP3.CAB c:CSAPayload

Check if the updates are presented in the database. Start WSUS admin tool and check if the Custom Support updates are added.

Start the SCCM console and goto Administration | Site Configuration | Sites en selecteer de Site kies voor Configure site components | Software Update Point.

Change the settings …read more

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