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Using a Cloud Identity to logon to Windows 10

By microspecialist


Windows 10 allows you to utilize different sign-in capabilities, already last year Michael Niehaus presented on the subject at TechEd Europe. I have waited in fact waited so long I forgot about it, as it wasn’t in the initial Windows10 build that was available. Luckily this feature was released in the last Windows 10 build 9926. I must add its in a bad location I looked for it and only during a conference call with Michael, that he told me where to find it. I do believe it should be located somewhere else, included as a button where you would find the normal Domain join option. Note ! the Connect to Cloud option is not available in the Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview!

I have added the functionality to one of my machines and list the steps in the following screenshots. The first step is to go to Settings , select System ,then scroll down to About on that screen you get the Connect to Cloud option. Clicking on Connect to Cloud gives you the following window (cloud experience host)

Enter your Azure / Cloud Identity I used my Azure Identity that comes with Windows Intune it already has accounts …read more

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