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Managing your Office365 Directory with Azure AD

By microspecialist

Step0.1 SignUp or in

Identity and access is big business right now and hot topics especially with everybody moving to the cloud with Office365. Behind all Microsoft Cloud services lies Azure AD and you can use the Azure management portal to manage your Office365 user objects / directory.

I have documented the steps briefly to show you how easy it is to associate your Office365 AD to your Azure subscription so you can Manage the Active Directory via the Azure AD management portal.

The first step is to sign in with your Azure Subscription account.

Click New, browse thru App Services, Active Directory, Directory and select Custom Create

Select Use existing directory in the dropdown box. Check ready to sign out and approve the selection.

Sign in using your Office365 admin credentials.

You are presented with the information that your Microsoft account will be made a global administrator in your Office365 subscription. Click on continue.

After the linking the subscriptions click on sign out.

Now Sign in again with your Microsoft account. First Select use another account.

It takes you to the Microsoft Account landing page to login.

You might get this next screen after logging into Azure. I suspect the applications need a time to …read more

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