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Technet Belux Webinar: 16/10/2015: OMS, What’s it all about…

By Dieter Wijckmans


It has been a while since I actually did a webinar for Technet Belux but it’s an honor and a privlege to be back on this platform answering one of the biggest question I get almost everyday at clients and at conferences:

“OMS, What’s it all about?”

During this session I’m going over the basics of the new OMS platform so you can be armed to position it in your environment or just have a starting point to start exploring the vast possibilities of OMS.

Expect the answers to the following questions during this session:

What can it do for me?
Do I need to take a look at it?
What can it do to make my life as an ITPRO easier?
Is this yet another tool that Microsoft is pushing us to use?
Will it replace my good old on prem SCOM solution?

All these questions are actual questions I got from the community and clients.

“But hey… my question isn’t on there!”

No worries use the Q&A and get a chance to get yours answered!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to register today to reserve your virtual seat for Friday 16/10/2015 as they are unlimited!

Register here:

Hopefully see you there!

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