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OMS phone app now available on all platforms: First look

By Dieter Wijckmans

printscreen-22-10-2015 0003

This is one thing I really like about the new strategy of Microsoft: All platforms (I know it’s not the official statement but still)

The OMS app was already available on WindowsPhone platform (in preview) and quite frankly it makes sense to actually develop for your own native platform first.

But today Microsoft has announced the availability of the OMS app across all the different platforms (Ios, android and winphone).

The install is crystal clear as you are used to through the store.

More info here:

Direct link:

NOTE: Fellow MVP Cameron Fuller has a blog post about the experience on an ipad here:

A first look:

A couple of screenshots of the possibilities and look and feel on iPhone:

First start of the app (really like the look and feel):

Login screen looks very familiar:

Auto switch between corporate or personal

Signed in and detected that your workspaces, it’s indeed possible to switch between the different workspaces:

You have 3 options:

Dashboard: Is your personal dashboard which you can change by using the familiar pen icon
Overview: The general overview of you environment with all the solutions installed
Searches: Launch different searches in your workspace

Starts into your dashboard:


Also possible …read more

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