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Programma 6e WMUG NL bijeenkomst op 15 december a.s. bekend

Zoals eerder aangekondigd organiseert de Windows Management User Group Nederland op dinsdag 15 December a.s. weer een community bijeenkomst. Dit keer zijn we te gast bij PROXSYS die speciaal voor deze bijeenkomst Slot Loevestein heeft afgehuurd!

Kaarten zijn nog steeds gratis verkrijgbaar via Eventbrite: en het programma is als volgt:

13:00 – 13:30 Ontvangst met broodjes

Slot Loevestein

Loevestein 1
5307 TG Poederoijen

13:30- 13:45 Kick-off WMUG NL & PROXSYS*
13:45 – 14:45 Title: What to expect from ConfigMgr vNext?


The next version of Configuration Manager is soon to be released. In this session we will look at the future roadmap of Configuration Manager and explore the new features, enhancements and infrastructure changes that are coming with the next release. Additionally will also outline how to get to this release from your current environments.

Spreker: Tim De Keukelaere


Tim is a consultant with over 10 years of experience in the field, mainly in Wintel environments. He has a broad technical knowledge on various enterprise products and Operating Systems, and a strong focus on enterprise client management and mobility. His main area of expertise is designing and implementing management tools and processes.

With a clear focus on Systems Management Tim’s focus from a product perspective is mainly on System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune. Additionally he has proven experience implementing and configuring System Center Operations Manager. As a passionate technologist he also has a broad interest in the other products part of the System Center stack.

14:45 – 15:45 Title: Take your monitoring one step further combining the known and the new


OK! Life has been good if you knew your way around in SCOM to monitor your world. Now Microsoft has even upped its game to bring you even more in the monitoring world. In this session we are going to explore the new features and possibilities of OMS and combining the known and the new to create even more insights in your environment. Microsoft is providing you the tools but it’s you who needs to create the insights! Don’t stand on the sideline but get in the game and move fast!

Spreker: Dieter Wijckmans


Dieter is in his early 30s and is a big fan of technology. He recently received an MVP award 2014 for System Center Cloud and Data management. He’s been active in the IT industry for over 10 years, 12 of which as a freelance consultant. As an ITIL certified professional he mainly helps companies streamline their processes and use the right tools to support these processes. He’s an experienced helpdesk migrator and helpdesk team leader and therefore knows which challenges big companies are confronted with when they adapt their processes to support their activities and more efficiently organize the work of their support staff. His main focus is on System Center Operations Manager and System Center Service Manager, but he’s also well acquainted with the other products of the System Center suite and other technologies. He’s an active member in his local Sysctr community and a board member of System Center User Group Belgium. He’s always trying to find the right balance between manageability and practical relevance. His motto illustrates his way of working: Don’t overthink it… It’s doing common things uncommonly well that brings success.

15:45 – 16:45 Rondleiding Slot Loevestein  
16:45 – 17:45 Title: Windows 10 with ConfigMgr Vnext – Word lingo edition

Abstract: The new Windows 10 and ConfigMgr Vnext come with a lot of new acronyms. Learn what they mean, how to use them and how they work together!

Spreker: Kenny Buntinx


Kenny is a highly qualified, certified and energized freelance consultant with more than 15 years of experience and strives to always deliver high quality when managing and delivering projects. He has a strong focus on the Microsoft System Center product family and is an industry expert in the System Center Enterprise Client Management space. A deep technical background with a track record in “Enterprise Client Management” architecture and “Unified Mobile Device Management” expertise.

Additionally he believes strongly in sharing knowledge amongst his peers and therefore co-founded the System Center User Group Belgium.


As an industry expert and Most Valued Professional (MVP) , he is a frequent speaker and ask-the-expert guest at both national and international events.


17:45 – 18:45 Eten, aangeboden door PROXSYS  
18:45 – 19:45 Title: The Container Talk: Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers.

Abstract: In this session, Hyper-V MVP Ronald Beekelaar will talk all about Containers in Windows Server 2016 – and explain why you should care. Explore the benefits of the new Container approach, understand the differences between Container nesting and Container stacking, and learn how Containers is changing deployment practices.

Spreker:  Ronald Beekelaar


Ronald Beekelaar is oprichter van Virsoft Solutions, en sinds 2004 Microsoft MVP in Virtualization Technologies (Hyper-V). Hij was zelfs wereldwijd de eerste virtualization MVP. Met eigen Hyper-V datacenters in Amsterdam en Seattle, biedt Virsoft toegang to honderden training en demo omgevingen aan klanten in Europa, de VS en Latijns Amerika. Ronald is een bekende spreker op conferenties over virtualizatie, beveilging of infrastructuurontwerp.

19:45 – 20:45 Title: Ask the experts


Ask us anything about ConfigMgr, Intune, OMS, SCOM.

Tim De Keukelaere, Dieter Wijckmans, Kenny Buntinx, Bob Cornelissen, Adnan Hendriks, Kenneth van Surksum, Peter Daalmans, Erik Loef en Ronald Beekelaar
20:45 – 22:00 Borrel en de kans om nog even na te praten met de sprekers en deelnemers



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