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AzureStack TiP tests

By Louis Jenema


When you have been playing around with the Azure Stack public preview 1 you probably noticed that in your Azure Active Directory some extra users have appeared. Also, next to this, when you take a look at the virtual machines in virtual machine manager on your host, you might have noticed that there are sometimes more VM’s with a GUID than you created yourself.

You wondered why? Let me explain:

These VM’s are the result of the scheduled Test. TiP stands for Tests in Production. On the clientvm there is a scheduled task running which on a schedule will perform different tests, including creating and deleting VM’s. After the VM’s are deleted again the garbage collector will remove the vhd files from your storage after 2 days. You can however disable the execution of the tests if you want. Execute the following powershell command on the ClientVM.

Disable-ScheduledTask -TaskName AzureStackSystemvalidationTask

When you want to invoke the running of the tests perform the following command in powershell as an administrator

Invoke-AzureStackTiPTest -verbose

The test will start running like shown in the following screen.

It is possible that you invoke this at the moment the tests are allready running. This will be shown in the output …read more

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