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Certification – My thoughts on Microsoft Certification Booster packs

By Bjorn Houben

Since March 7th, Microsoft is selling booster packs which can be bought until August 31. The exams can be taken up until six months after your purchase.

The following boosters packs are available:

Practice Test + exam for $200
Exam + 4 free retakes for $200
Practice Test + exam + 4 free retakes for $225

As always there are pros and cons to this offering. These are things that have gone through my mind about these booster packs:

First of all, the retakes are not free because a regular exam costs $150 if you book it at Pearson Vue. Even though it is not free, it’s still a very good deal. If you would fail only once, you have saved money.
I would never choose option 1, I would always go for either option 2 or 3.
It can be good that people can get an exam with cheap retakes.
It might prevent (some) people from using exam dumps, because additional certification costs for a failure are not an issue anymore. This is especially true for people who have to pay for their own certification or for small companies with limited budgets.
It might help people that have the knowledge, but fail because their not used to the …read more

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