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SCOM 2016 Features – Console Performance Improvements

By Bob Cornelissen

Obviously the product team has received some feedback in the past on the performance of the SCOM console. It is not a secret this is not the fastest tool out there when opening it, changing views or refreshing even. This is the most apparent in larger environments of course. We can name several good reasons for this which we will not dive into now, but there was room for improvement even when taking the good reasons into account. Now they have started work to increase the speed of certain views within the SCOM console and expand from there.

In SCOM 2016 TP5 first the Alert views were looked at and worked on.

Alert view is optimized to load efficiently
Alert tasks and alert details in alert view is optimized to load efficiently
Context menus of an alert in alert view is optimized to load efficiently

Alert views are one of the most used in SCOM, so this is where they started. Meanwhile work is done on other types of views as well, such as State and Performance views. These improvements will arrive later than TP5.

Of course these changes are likely most apparent in larger views and busy environments.

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