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SCOM 2016 Features – Network Monitoring MP Generator

By Bob Cornelissen


In SCOM 2012 there was a difference between Certified devices and generic devices. When you added a network device to SCOM it would show up as on of both. The certified devices had additional monitoring applied to them such as Processor and Memory monitoring, while the generic devices were much more basic in their monitoring possibilities. To get around that and/or to create additional monitoring for a devices components and add monitors and rules to them was quite difficult to achieve. I know I spent a week creating a custom management pack for a customer with a few classes, discoveries, monitors and rules, also because the amount of information was very limited but also because it is such a hard process to get through. Plus I am not really much of a developer to be honest. Lets say in that week a lot of words were used and thankfully I got great tips from my MVP friend Daniele Grandini.

Now however we are getting some help from SCOM 2016!

What is the process?

What you do is create a custom formatted XML file. This contains some basic information you are used to while creating management packs, such as a name and …read more

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