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SCOM 2016 Features – Example – Network Monitoring MP Generator

By Bob Cornelissen

In my previous post which introduced SCOM 2016 Features – Network Monitoring MP Generator I have shown you how to use the command syntax of the tool and why it was created. Now it is time for an example.

The idea:

Have fun monitoring some network device and see how the principles of the input XML file works.

Also because I have been doing a few presentations with a SCOMosaur theme, so we combine a little SCOM with a little dinosaur madness. You will see a few references of that here and there.

Mind I am using a simulated device which may not be fit for this purpose. Reason being the default simulated devices by the Jalasoft SNMP Device Simulator are all CERTIFIED. ANd we are of course creating monitoring for the non certified devices. The OID’s in the example below are from a APC UPS device, but for now we can use it as exampe clearly enough.


First of all I am using SCOM 2016 TP5 here, which is the first version to include this feature.
I am using Jalasoft SNMP Device Simulator on another machine to simulate a few network devices of different types.
Of course make sure both sides can reach eachother …read more

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