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New ConfigMgr Current Branch features from 1511 till now! (part 2)

By Henk Hoogendoorn Since December 8, 2015 ConfigMgr Current Branch is Generally Available. This based on version 1511, which stands for November 2015 (MMYY). Since this release (and even before that too), there are monthly features added in Technical Preview, which are merged in public release (1602, 1606). Let’s have a look at new features so far. When available this blogpost will be updated with new releases.

Microsoft did an amazing job on new ConfigMgr features for both standalone and hybrid environments. Really love the speed on new builds and update experience. Remember: When you want to go fast with Windows, you need to go fast with ConfigMgr too! πŸ™‚

New features in production so far:

Deny previously approved application requests:
As an administrator you can deny a previously approved application request. To install this application later, users must resubmit a request. This does not uninstall the application.
Exclude clients from automatic upgrade:
When you configure settings to control how clients automatically upgrade you can now specify a collection to exclude specific clients from the upgrade. This applies to automatic upgrade as well as other methods such as software update-based upgrade. This can be used for a collection of computers that need greater care when upgrading the client.
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