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By Henk Hoogendoorn

Last days there is something really strange going on with Offline Servicing in ConfigMgr. The task “SMS EXECUTIVE started SMS OFFLINE SERVICING MANAGER” is running multiple times a day normally, with “This Schedule with ID does not have a next run time” as a result. Last days however I saw at two different environments that Offline Servicing is kicking off automatically on multiple images, leaving them in an error message, not cleaning up the ConfigMgr OfflineImageServicing folder afterwards. Let’s have a look at some screenshots created.

It’s all starting with the following messages in the ConfigMgr console! (Failed to apply one or more updates)

Looking in OfflineServicingMgr.log you see that multiple tasks are scheduled with dates from many months ago. The schedule with ID will be run now. It’s run time is at (some date in past).

In another environment you see the same behavior, where schedules are running multiple times on the same image too. When you look closely you see a task running six times on the same image.

Because of multiple errors during the process, files and folders are not removed, leaving them in a unwanted state afterwards. Where this folder has (in my case) …read more

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