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Poor Man’s Test Lab + Intel 82579 Gigabit NIC + Windows Server 2016. It Can Be Done!!!

By Marnix Wolf


Background information
Some years ago I bought myself a new system in order to function as my personal test lab. Since budget didn’t allow for a state of the art system, I had to puzzle a lot. Yes, I needed storage with high IO, a reasonable fast CPU and fast AND loads of RAM.

But again, budget was limited. So after a lot of research I spent every euro of the allocated budget and got myself maximum value for money. All based on PC (desktop) hardware and not a single piece of server hardware because that was way outside the budget. But still the system I finally got allowed me to built my own test lab, running 16 VMs and still delivering good performance!

Since the system allowed for growth, in the past years I added more RAM, additional SSDs for storage and upgraded the CPU as well. On the server OS side of things the lab ran Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2 and now Windows Server 2016.

The NIC ‘issue’
But I was always a bit hesitant to upgrade the parent Windows Server OS since the Intel desktop motherboard ( …read more

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