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Hoax or Fact: ‘SCOM Is Dead’?

By Marnix Wolf

Update 01-13-2017: Wow! This posting got many good comments, also from Damian himself. I really appreciate all the comments and as promissed, I’ve updated my blog with the comments, including the names the persons who commented. All the comments are found at the end of this posting, in a table.

Why this posting?
Yesterday evening I attended the first WMUGNL webinar of 2017, titled Head to Head: Azure Pack and Azure Stack. In this webinar the presenter Damian Flynn talked about the differences between Windows Azure Pack (WAP) and Microsoft Azure Stack (MAS), and when to choose for WAP or MAS.

During the same presentation he stated multiple times that ‘SCOM is dead’. And that statement made me think. Is SCOM really dead right at this moment? Are WAP and MAS the nails in the coffin of SCOM? And why is SCOM dead? Has SCOM outlived it’s purpose? Or is there more to it, and needs it more perspective?

Time to investigate. Also because I highly respect Damian Flynn and knows that he just doesn’t say anything because it has a nice ring to it.

Some background information
In the days SCOM saw the light, …read more

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