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11 April: Lowlands Unite, Netherlands edition! – Gratis Toegang/Free Entrance

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Op dinsdag 11 april organiseert de Windows Management User Group Nederland (WMUG_NL) een eendaags evenement genaamd Lowlands Unite, Netherlands edition! In het najaar zal de System Center User Group België een evenement onder dezelfde naam in België organiseren.

Op 11 april zullen nationale en internationale top sprekers 10 technische sessies verzorgen! Niet alleen de 10 top sprekers zijn de moeite waard, ook de locatie die we hebben weten vast te leggen. Lowlands Unite, Netherlands edition zal namelijk plaatsvinden in bij EndemolShine, de producent van oa Miljoenenjacht, Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, All You Need is Love en vele andere topproducties. Een mooie inspirerende omgeving dicht bij de Amsterdam Arena en daardoor zowel met de auto als via het openbaar vervoer goed bereikbaar.

Gratis Toegang

Dankzij onze locatiesponsor Purple Cloud kunnen we de toegang gratis aanbieden. Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is je kaarten bestellen via Eventbrite. Het enige wat je je vragen is om ook echt te komen als je een kaart besteld, we houden rekening met iedereen die een kaart besteld in verband met catering e.d:

Koop hier je gratis toegangskaart voor Lowlands Unite

Het programma voor het Enterprise Mobility / Enterprise Client Management track ziet er als volgt uit;



8:00-8:30 Inloop / registratie
8:30-9:30 Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Overview

An overview of Azure with a focus on datacenter transformation to a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Daniel is an enthusiastic story teller with a passion for Microsoft technology and Cloud Infrastructure. Loves to teach, motivate and entertain audiences with technical details, business value and witty remarks.

In his profession as Cloud Infrastructure seller Daniel spends most of his time discussing datacenter transformations with one of his 300 customers.

9:30-9:50 pauze

What’s new in Configuration Manager 1610 and beyond

Let’s check out what’s new and changed in ConfigMgr current branch and technical preview since 1610. We will dig into features like managing clients on the road, new methods to query for data and much more.

Jorgen is working as a principal consultant at Onevinn in Sweden. He has been working as a consultant since 1993 with a focus on Enterprise Client Management and System Management.

Involved in many projects and also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, MVP in Enterprise Mobility and delivers trainings mostly Configuration Manager. Also an appreciated speaker at event like Microsoft Techdays, Microsoft Management Summit(MMS), Best-of-MMS in Sweden and TechED North America and Europe.
10:50-11:20 pauze

Protecting Cloud Data and Identities using Microsoft EMS

The cloud based world is mainly protected by identity driven security. The user identity is the key to access everything in cloud. With Azure AD and EMS you can build a secure platform and keep your users productive.

Come and join this session to see how technologies like Azure AD Identity Protection, Privileged Identity Management, Conditional Access and Azure Information Protection can help you monitor and protect cloud identities and corporate data in the cloud.

In this session you will learn how to set it all up, what works and what doesn’t.


Ronni is working as a Cloud Solution Architect at EG in Denmark. He has been working as a consultant since 1997 with a focus on Enterprise Client Management solutions, based on technologies like System Center, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Active Directory and Azure AD.

Ronni is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility and an appreciated speaker at event like Microsoft CampusDays, Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), Microsoft Ignite 2015 and at local User Group events.


12:20-13:20 lunch
13:20-14:00 Sponsorslot 1E:

Real-time Configuration & Security Management at Scale

As experts in systems management, and with over 20 years of experience in making SCCM work better, we have launched a new product, Tachyon, the fastest platform to query and control all your endpoints.  It transforms urgent ad-hoc issue identification and resolution time from hours to minutes.

You achieve this by holding a conversation – live with every endpoint – as if you were at every device.  This gives you the confidence and agility to move at the pace of any IT incident, security threat or compliance risk.

In this session we show how to:

                     Slash troubleshooting and resolution times – Find and fix application, configuration and operating system faults across all of your endpoints

                     Faster security investigation and response – Find and remediate the machines on your network that have been cyber-attacked by organized crime

                     Immediately action urgent business requests – Rapidly respond to regulatory compliance, security and software asset management (SAM) audits



Brent is an EMEA Solutions Engineer at 1E, based in our London office. Brent has been working with Microsoft technologies for almost 20 years, specializing in client-side solutions and ConfigMgr.

14:00-14:20 pauze
14:20-15:20 ATA to Z

Nowadays the topic of cyber-security has moved from IT and the datacenter to the highest levels of the boardroom. Attacks and threats have evolved significantly and have grown substantially in frequency and severity. Research shows attackers reside within a network undetected for months and stay below the radar of the IT security department. In many of those attacks, attackers compromise user credentials and use legitimate IT tools rather than malware to reach their objectives. In this session, we deep dive into Microsoft’s security product addition to the EMS Suite: Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) . ATA helps to uncover and identify security breaches before any damage is actually caused. Learn how to design and implement ATA and see it in action using some real world examples.


Tim is a consultant with over 10 years of experience in the field, mainly in Wintel environments. He has a broad technical knowledge on various enterprise products and Operating Systems, and a strong focus on enterprise client management and mobility. His main area of expertise is designing and implementing management tools and processes.

With a clear focus on Systems Management Tim’s focus from a product perspective is mainly on System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune. Additionally he has proven experience implementing and configuring System Center Operations Manager. As a passionate technologist he also has a broad interest in the other products part of the System Center stack.


15:20-15:40 pauze
15:40-16:40 Deploying certificates in a Mobile First Cloud First world!

In a mobile first cloud first world the use of username/passwords is no longer undisputed. Increasingly, we are targets of (external) threats such as phishing, malware or credential theft. This is partly inspired by the way we work today. Mobile, internet connected, BYOD, etc. This requires a stronger way of authentication to access our corporate resources in a more secure way. In this session we cover the different certificate deployment infrastructures including their operations. We’ll go in more detail about the use-cases of certificate authentication and important considerations (pros and cons) including best-practices based on a case study in a large enterprise environment. In summary a (security) session not to be missed!


As senior consultant and Microsoft MVP Ronny is working for InSpark, a Dutch Microsoft gold partner focused on hybrid datacenter, modern workplace, business apps & managed services. Ronny’s primary focus is on Enterprise Mobility + Security, Identity & Access management and Data- and Threat protection. As proud lead consultant he is responsible for a great team of highly skilled consultant’s caring for product innovation and adoption. In his role as Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for Enterprise Mobility he’s working closely with various Microsoft product groups to provide customer feedback, product improvements and most important his contributions to the community by sharing knowledge and experience. As Microsoft Partner Technical Solution Professional (P-TSP) for Enterprise Mobility + Security & Windows 10 he is working closely with Microsoft SSP/TSP counterparts on customer engagements for corporate accounts & enterprise segments.

16:40-17:40 Dropping the Hammer on Malware Threats with Windows 10.

Endpoint security needs to be modernized in order to meet the challenges. Credential Guard and Device Guard in Windows 10 is the best place to get started. The system management professional can play a significant role in this effort, as there is already a lot of things to enable before we can enable credential and Device Guard :UEFI & Secure Boot, VSM , ConfigMgr, Group Policy. Credential & Device Guard will accelerate the transformation already taking place in IT where the European General Data Protection Rule will become active in 2018 for Europe. In this session, learn what it takes to implement Credential & Device Guard and help your organization.

Kenny is a highly qualified , certified and energized consultant working for Coretech Benelux with more than 15 years of experience and strives to always deliver high quality when managing and delivering projects. He has a strong focus on the Microsoft System Center product family and is an industry expert in the System Center Enterprise Client Management space. A deep technical background with a track record in “Enterprise Client Management” architecture and “Unified Mobile Device Management” expertise. Additionally he believes strongly in sharing knowledge amongst his peers and therefore co-founded the System Center User Group Belgium. As an industry expert and Most Valued Professional (MVP) , he is a frequent speaker and ask-the-expert guest at both national and international events.


Het programma voor het Azure / OMS / System Center track ziet er als volgt uit;

Azure/OMS/Sysctr (AOS)


8:00-8:30 Inloop / registratie
8:30-9:30 Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Overview

An overview of Azure with a focus on datacenter transformation to a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Daniel is an enthusiastic story teller with a passion for Microsoft technology and Cloud Infrastructure. Loves to teach, motivate and entertain audiences with technical details, business value and witty remarks.

In his profession as Cloud Infrastructure seller Daniel spends most of his time discussing datacenter transformations with one of his 300 customers.

9:30-9:50 pause

Ten most common mistakes when deploying AD FS and Hybrid Identity and how to avoid them

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is the Microsoft technology to bridge your on-premises Identity systems towards cloud Identity providers, like Azure Active Directory. Colleagues depend on a reliable, yet cost effective deployment of AD FS and it’s our jobs as IT Pros to make it happen.

This session covers the 10 most common mistakes we see in the field in organizations that have deployed AD FS and Hybrid Identity. Learn from their mistakes, whether you’ve already deployed AD FS and want to make your implementation more robust, or holding off deploying AD FS to not step into these pitfalls.


Sander Berkouwer has 15 years of experience working with Microsoft Technologies, the platform known today as Cloud OS. He specializes in hybrid cloud computing, identity and access management (IAM) and cyber security. On projects, he works as an advisor, and designs and implements advanced solutions for any combination of on-premises and cloud-based resources. As a consultant, Sander is considered as a pioneer in the Microsoft field, and is often requested as speaker at big events. Sander is a MVP in Directory Services, and has been awarded this award since 2009.



10:50-11:20 pause

The Hidden Treasures of Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V.

Some features such as Storage Spaces Direct, containers, and Shielded Virtual Machines get all of the attention, but what about those little features that make a big difference to your every day activities? In this session, I’ll discuss and demonstrate the lesser known features that add more value to Hyper-V, making your job as an administrator or consultant much easier.

Aidan Finn, MVP, has been working in IT since 1996, as a consultant, systems administrator, and in technical pre-sales. Currently he works as the Technical Pre-Sales Lead of a technology distributor, MicroWarehouse Ltd., in Dublin, Ireland, where he evangelizes and educates Microsoft partners about Microsoft technologies such as Azure, Windows Server, and Hyper-V. Aidan has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) designation by Microsoft in recognition of his community contributions. He currently is in the Cloud and Datacenter Management expertise, focusing on Windows Server and private cloud technologies such as Hyper-V, failover clustering, networking and storage. He is the contributing editor on Microsoft virtualization at the Petri IT Knowledgebase, blogs on, and tweets as @joe_elway. Aidan has spoken at numerous events in Europe and the USA, including community briefings, Microsoft regional events, Windows launches, and conferences such as E2EVC, TechEd Europe, and Microsoft Ignite.

12:20-13:20 lunch
13:20-14:00 Sponsor slot Savision:

Overcome SCOM alert noise

In this session I will present how you can overcome SCOM alert noise and easily manage the vast amount of data stored in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. I will demonstrate our modern and groundbreaking solution Live Maps, which makes it possible for you and your team to create dashboards that are easy to use, access and understand by both IT and key business stakeholders. Learn how to reduce notifications through various channels and achieve your goal to share valuable information from SCOM; through HTML5 dashboards, while fixing all of the necessary steps in SCOM at the same time.


Justin Boerrigter has been in the business of mapping services and producing SCOM dashboards for the past 8 years. With Justin’s experience in over 800 environments and specific scenarios, no challenge is too big or too small to be transformed into a simple dashboard. ITIL-certified and an experienced trainer both for Savision and external teams, Justin provides customers around the world with a clear and effective understanding of how to translate monitoring data into meaningful service maps.

Feel free to meet up with him for a cup of coffee or his favorite: Hot Chocolate… discuss the challenges in your environment. He will show you how to rapidly change your SCOM into a tool that works for you and not you for IT!

14:00-14:20 pause

Deploying Windows Server like a Pro!

Join Mikael in this demo intense Windows Server deployment session, Mikael will demonstrate how to use varius tools to create Windows Server reference images as well as deploying them with tools like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, ConfigMgr and Virtual Machine Manager. You will also learn how to add configurations that are related to hardware, like ILO, Bios and other configurations. As a bonus, you will also learn how to deploy Windows Clients.

Mikael Nystrom is a Microsoft MVP and Principal Technical Architect at TrueSec, with an extremely broad field of competence. He has worked with all kinds of infrastructure tasks, in all kinds of environments, enterprise to small business. He is currently building Private Cloud solutions based on Hyper-V, System Center and Windows Azure pack as well as building deployment solutions for Client OS and Server OS. Mikael is a very popular instructor and is often used by Microsoft for partner trainings as well as to speak at major conferences such as Ignite, MMS, IT/Dev Connections, NICConf, TechDays, etc. Mikael has also write books and course material. You can find him at or at twitter @mikael_nystrom

15:20-15:40 pause
15:40-16:40 Deep-Dive with Azure Monitoring

One of the hidden gems in Azure is the built-in Monitoring and Alerting capabilities that comes with almost every Azure resource. These capabilities are evolving fast and with the latest updates to the features, we now have even more to offer.

Join me for this technical and demo-heavy session where I will take you on a tour of how you can leverage Azure Insights to monitor your IaaS and PaaS workloads in Azure. You will learn how to use and deploy these features to make your customers Azure solution even more complete.

Warning: High risk of PowerShell with a chance of ARM Templates!

As an Microsoft Technical Evangelist covering disciplines like DevOps, Infrastructure Modernization and Cloudification, Rasmus is part of a team of ninjas that travels this great planet to spread the word about awesome technology by Microsoft.


Embrace the hybrid power of OMS in your existing processes

OMS is awesome and the possibilities are virtually endless. But we still live in a hybrid world with on-prem and cloud components working together. In this session we’ll go over the different possibilities to glue together the tools which are supporting your existing processes. Let’s tie SCOM, SCSM and OMS together with Azure Automation to harvest the huge amount of possibilities in our existing escalation and incident process. Creating the ultimate 360 degrees view across your on prem and cloud components was never easier than today!

Dieter is in his mid-30s and is a big fan of technology. He recently received an MVP award for System Center Cloud and Data management. He’s been active in the IT industry for almost 15 years, 14 of which as a freelance consultant. Dieter works at Coretech Benelux as managing Consultant. As an ITIL certified professional he mainly helps companies streamline their processes and use the right tools to support these processes.

He’s an experienced helpdesk migrator and helpdesk team leader and therefore knows which challenges big companies are confronted with when they adapt their processes to support their activities and more efficiently organize the work of their support staff. His main focus is on System Center Operations Manager and OMS, but he’s also well acquainted with the other products of the System Center suite and other technologies. He’s an active member in his local Sysctr community and a board member of System Center User Group Belgium.

He’s always trying to find the right balance between manageability and practical relevance. His motto illustrates his way of working: Don’t overthink it… It’s doing common things uncommonly well that brings success.


Hopelijk zien we je 11 April, koop je ticket hier; !

On Tuesday the 11th of April the Windows Management User Group Netherlands (WMUG_NL) is organizing a full day event called Lowlands Unite, Netherlands edition! In Fall of this year the System Center User Group Belgium will be organizing the Belgium edition.

The 11th of April national and international top speakers will be delivering 10 technical sessions! Not only the 10 speakers are worth it, but also the location that we were able to book. Lowlands Unite, Netherlands edition will be held at EndemolShine, the producers of success TV formats like Miljoenenjacht, Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, All You Need is Love and many other great formats. A nice and inspiring environment near the Amsterdam Arena and therefore easy to reach either by car of using public transportation.

Thanks to our locationsponsor Purple Cloud we can offer the entrance for free. The only thing you need to do is order a ticket via Eventbrite. The only thing we are asking if to also show up if you reserve a spot so that we don’t waste any reserved drinks and food.

Buy your free entranceticket for Lowlands Unite


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