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MP Authoring – Quick & Dirty – 00 – Introduction

By Marnix Wolf


Advice to the reader
This posting is part of a series of articles. In order to get a full grasp of it, I strongly advise you to start at the beginning of it.

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How the challenge came to be
Based on the MPs delivered by Microsoft, SCOM is capable of monitoring many different workloads ‘out of the box’. However, in the real world organizations run many non-Microsoft based workloads running on Windows Servers, which require monitoring as well. Also by SCOM. And many times there aren’t third party MPs available for monitoring those workloads.

And now a challenge takes shape. Because HOW is one going to do that WITHOUT:

Big investments in time, resources and budget; Turning to the ‘crappy’ SCOM Console which isn’t made at all for custom MP authoring; Taking a deep dive into how SCOM really works; Taking a deep dive into MP authoring and XML coding; Buying expensive Visual Studio licenses?

Let me explain item 5 a bit …read more

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