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MP Authoring – Quick & Dirty – 02 – Authoring The Template MP XML Code

By Marnix Wolf


Advice to the reader
This posting is part of a series of articles. In order to get a full grasp of it, I strongly advise you to start at the beginning of it.

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In the section Template Selection, select the first option Empty Management Pack. IMHO the other templates add way too much noise, resulting in anything but clean XML code.

Follow the wizard to the end. Save the MP. Based on your previous choices and input MP Author will create the basic XML code for the Custom Application MP. When ready you’ll be shown a screen like this one:

There is still much to do, since you’re going to add a Class with a Discovery (the Reverse Discovery as previously discussed), a Group (also a ‘dirty’ trick is going to be used here, much about that later on), a Folder and two Views (Alert and State)). In the next section you’re going to create the Class and Reverse Discovery.

02 – Creating the Class and Reverse Discovery

In MP Author go to Targets > New > Create New Registry Target. The Management Pack Registry Target Wizard starts now. By …read more

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