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MP Authoring – Quick & Dirty – 03 – Example Using The Template MP XML Code

By Marnix Wolf


Advice to the reader
This posting is part of a series of articles. In order to get a full grasp of it, I strongly advise you to start at the beginning of it.

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Open this file in Notepad++ and do a Search & Replace ()on these 3 entries:
Search for: Custom.Application. Replace with SAP.Logon.Server, mind the DOTS (.):

Search for: Custom Application. Replace with SAP Logon Server, mind the SPACES ( );

Search for: CustomApplication. Replace with SAPLogonServer, mind the LACKING spaces;

Just to be sure all Custom Application entries are rebranded to SAP Logon Server, do a count () on the entry custom. There shouldn’t be any left. If there are, start over from Step 01.

Save the modified XML and close Notepad++. As a result, the template MP XML code is now rebranded from Custom Application to SAP Logon Server. With MP Author you’ll add the Rules and Monitor as previously discussed.

02 – Adding the Monitor to the SAP Logon Server MP with MP Author
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