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RANT: Ignite & Other Microsoft Events

By Marnix Wolf


A few weeks ago I attended the free Microsoft Tech Summit event in Amsterdam. It lasted two days in which I learned a great deal, most of it outside the sessions. Also it made me think about how the Microsoft event cycle is organized now and what’s lacking BIG time.

At the end of the day, these are just my thoughts/ideas. So there is no need to feel/think the same. Yet I am wondering whether I am the only one out there or perhaps there are people thinking the same about it.

So feel free to comment .

The past – The pre-Ignite Era
Before Ignite there were the Tech-Ed events, organized in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Besides that there were more product/service related events as well, like MMS, events for partners and Exchange/Lync events.

Those events were quite accessible and contained good content, aimed at their respective audiences. Also because most of those events were organized in different regions (Tech-Ed events that is), those events were fairly easy to go to. No need to travel to the US, only when one wanted to go to MMS or the Exchange/Skype event for instance.

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