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MP Authoring – Quick & Dirty – 04 – Testing The Example MP

By Marnix Wolf


Advice to the reader
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Remove the Dynamic Member rule by using the Create/Edit Rules button.

Go to the tab Explicit Members and hit the Add/Remove Objects button. In the Search for: field select Windows Server Operating System (since the Discovery is targeted against that Class!) > Search > select the related Windows Servers where SAP Logon Server is installed. In this example I select DC01 > Add.

In the Selected objects field the DC01 is now shown > OK > OK. The modifications to the Group will be saved now.

Please know that selecting the object(s) of the correct Class (Windows Server Operating System) is crucial here. Reason being that the Discovery is targeted against that very same Class. Adding object(s) of any other Class won’t work because the Discovery won’t land there. For example, adding DC01 object from the Windows Computer Class won’t make the Discovery work, nor adding the DC01 object of the Windows Server Computer Class. So please select the …read more

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